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Five Abu Dhabi based chefs and business leaders will receive the 2021 “Sustainable UAE Eating” Awards on December 9, 2021, at SIAL Middle East, within the Abu Dhabi World Gourmet Show.
Reduce impact on nature, cut waste in the kitchen, design the new luxury. These are the keywords of  “Sustainable UAE Eating”, a campaign involving UAE based chefs and food professionals, no matter where they come from.
The campaign aims also at rewarding the champions of Sustainability among them, as examples to follow for the food industry as well as for the whole UAE community, particularly in the occasion of the Golden Jubilee.

The winners of the Abu Dhabi Sustainable UAE Eating 2021 Awards are:

SARA ARADI, Founder of Al Habasha Restaurants, for her commitment to use only fresh and healthy ingredients in her restaurants and to sustain the culture of her community.

LANA NASSER, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach at Living My Wholesome Life and private chef. Lana guides and supports and people in their journeys towards wholesome eating habits and well-being.

NAGHAM AL ZAHLAWI, founder and director of Alkalime, the innovative concept that focuses on holistic health and promotes an alkaline lifestyle through healthful and destressing food.



EMIRATES HYDROPONICS FARMS, One of the top organic farms in the UAE, it utilises the most modern water saving techniques to produce high-quality vegetables and fruits.

SILAL, For their commitment  to ensure the supply of essential food to the people of the UAE with access to safe, sufficient and nutritious food, at affordable prices.

The Abu Dhabi Sustainable UAE Eating Campaign and Awards are presented in the occasion of SIAL Middle East and are promoted in collaboration with the Emirates Culinary Guild.

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